Have you ever walked into a wedding reception and been immediately struck with how amazing it looks?  The lights, the colors…. It’s gorgeous! It’s easy to assume that you couldn’t achieve the same effect without forking over your entire budget, but there are three fairly easy things you can add to create a “wow” factor for your reception that your guests won’t soon forget, and it’s all by creatively manipulating light.

father daughter wedding dance dj'd by spectrum sounds

Monogram(s) - Custom monograms are all the rage these days, and with an almost endless combination of colors, fonts, and design styles, this is a great opportunity for you to let your personalities (literally) shine through.  Monograms can be projected with light onto screens, walls, and even the dance floor for a fun and beautiful touch to your decor.  

Pro tip: Make sure that your monogram design graphic is produced with very high resolution in order to achieve a clean, crisp final product. Also, ask your lighting company for a test run before the event starts to ensure everything looks great.

Uplighting - Uplighting (lighting surfaces and objects from beneath) creates a dramatic “pop” and is an excellent way to utilize both light and color in your space.  It can turn a flat, boring wall into a piece of art and can provide tablecloths, centerpieces, and much more with dynamic and spellbinding illumination.  Depending on the design of your reception, you may also have the option to rotate between different settings / “looks” throughout the event, which is a great way to mix things up for your photos and guest experience.

Pro tip: If you’re aiming for wedding colors with the lighting, it’s a good idea to get visual examples from the lighting company on what shade(s) you’re talking about (there’s a huge difference between lilac and plum, but both are considered “purple”).

Reflective Surfaces - Depending on your theme / design, reflective surfaces (such as mirrored tiles, polished metals, faux crystals, etc.) can be a fantastic element to include in your decor.  Because they both catch and reflect the light, the visual effect is that there are more light sources in the room than there actually are, creating a more well-lit and dynamic experience for the eye.

Pro tip: Avoid placing breakable mirrored tiles or other objects on the floor or close to the edges of tables; the last thing you want to deal with in the middle of your reception is broken glass.

The Spectrum Sounds team works closely with you and your organizers to ensure that the display and settings for your reception lighting are exactly as you want them to be.  Give us a call today at 585-451-1111 or email us through our contact page and we can discuss how to give your reception the “wow” factor you’ve always dreamed of!