It’s been the age-old question ever since the days when “mobile discos” first made their debut in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and the era of the wedding DJ began….

Should we have the DJ take requests at our reception?

Bride and groom on the dance floor at reception

There are, of course, a number of factors at play here. As far as the DJ is concerned, does he/she have the capacity to take requests, or is their setup based solely on a static song list agreed upon prior to the event? Will they be able to connect to have an internet connection for accessing songs not in their database? Do they charge more if you add the option of taking requests?

Assuming that the DJ is willing and able to take requests, it’s worth having an honest conversation with your partner about how particular each of you is about the music at your reception. If one of you is going to have a terrible time because you hear a particular song or you’re concerned that requests will dominate the event’s lineup and overshadow the music that’s really important to you, there’s no rule saying you have to allow requests in the first place. This is your wedding reception, after all, so while you of course want your guests to enjoy themselves, this event is mainly about the two of you and what you like.

Another factor to consider is who is coming to the wedding. Do you have any “wildcard” guests who might decide that this is their chance to be “funny” and request expletive-laden songs that will make Great Aunt Carole swoon? Are there any potential snags between religions, politics, social beliefs, etc. in this crowd that might get heated based on a particular song choice? Will there be alcohol at your reception?

For these latter points, it’s 100% okay for you to give your DJ some guidelines beforehand if you do decide to open things up for song requests. If you think certain things (words, political or religious references, etc.) have the potential to significantly offend anyone, it’s absolutely acceptable for you to tell the DJ that you’re fine with requests “except for songs with X.” It’s also 100% okay for you to tell him or her to switch to another song in the case of any friction that you didn’t anticipate.

Most of the time, being open to song requests turns out fine, and it can add a lot of fun and flavor to your reception. It’s a chance for your guests to express themselves and add their own little personal touch to your special day… some of the best moments at receptions can arise out of a special song choice.

As long as you think about things ahead of time, communicate well with your DJ, and remember that this is your day (so you’re the boss!), the ultimate decision of whether or not to take requests at the reception comes down to what you and your partner want and what will help you enjoy your reception to the fullest.

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